Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Artist with a Heart

This website is up and about because of a talented and lovely lady with a big heart. Sincerest thanks to popular graphic designer Isabel Gatuslao, who volunteered to design this website for free. Isabel has contributed her artistry via this beautifully – designed space, affording us the chance to keep the rest of the world posted on our progress as we take on the challenging task of rebuilding.



Special thanks, too, to VAL VILLAR, who worked many hours on the development of the website, as per Isabel’s design plan.



This site is our tool for transparency and accountability, and is dedicated especially to our donors as a venue upon which they can see for themselves how their kindness has helped so many. Because of your generosity and compassion, the survivors have found many a reason to smile.


This site is for the Ormocanons too, and all the people of the Fourth District of Leyte. Painful as this journey in our history is, may we never forget that the world has come together for us. Many years down the road, when we have already (hopefully) recovered, may we look back with much gratitude in our hearts for so much.


Thank you Isabel, for giving us a beautiful canvass upon which we can document all these.