Monthly Archives: March 2015

Im so happy to see and compete with my former teammates in the National Fencing Team. All of them are National Coaches now and still very competitive. In fact, 3 of us placed in the top 4 in tonite's individual fencing competition, beating the rest of the present national team.  33 fencers competed tonite at the PSC National Fencing Hall coming from the different colleges, universities and the national team. I'm not saying they were not good, just that maybe tonight we were better. And an advantage really was that back during our time, the National Fencing Team had better support from the PSC in terms of exposure in international trainings and competitions, foreign coaches, the daily presence of a sports psychiatrist. Fencing, after all, just like many other sports, is not just a physical but also a mind game. #armanbernal #alvizcayno #oniongvizcayno #matigasparin