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620 feet below sea level inside the Pagoo exploring the remains of WWII Battleship USS Cooper in Ormoc Bay, Leyte!Together inside this yellow submarine is Dr. Robert Kraft, expedition leader, Jake Miranda of the Surigao Straight Memorial Council, Dr. Gay Lacsina of the National Museum Maritime Underwater Cultural Heritage, submarine pilot Luca and 5 other crew members.So far both R/V Petrel and M/Y Octopus have discovered 11 Imperial Japanese Navy boats and 4 American Battleships including other merchant ships that sank during the Battle of Ormoc Bay. According to Dr. Kraft there is so much more to be discovered inside the waters of Ormoc Bay#experinceofalifetime#somuchhistoryatthrormocbayyettobediscovered #thankyoupaulallen#$12millionsubmarine#yellowsubmarine#onboardtheoctopusoneoftheworldsmostexpensiveyachts#ww2