Monthly Archives: February 2018

Our journey towards victory in the Region 8 Games began w a single pair of shoe.  I knew all along that if our athletes were using the correct pair of shoes with the proper sporting equipment and being taught by  high level coaches, these could spell victory in our quest for #1.  And it happened today!  Ormoc City is 2018 EVRAA Champions! Thank you to our elementary and high school students who sacrificed so much time to train (this is the first time they’ve trained this much), thank you to our schools and teachers who shared their time to learn together w the athletes to improve their coaching skills, to our Deped officials in Ormoc, to our city council and sports office. Thank you for making Ormoc #1. This is history for us. #satinagaltagalngpanahonngayonlangnagnumber1angormocsaevraa #ormocishappynow #kayanamanpala #thankyoupotencee #getormocmovingagain #evraa2018 #letsgetreadyfornextyear