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Gomez lays out vision for Ormoc

By Marie Marticio, Manila Bulletin

ORMOC CITY – Mayor Richard Gomez laid out their plans for the city and the province for the next three years.

“I am also elated that today, a complete Ormoc Development Team, my team, will also start their new term of office. I look forward to working with them and delivering to Ormocanons the projects and programs that I have envisioned for Ormoc in the coming years,” Gomez said during his inauguration speech.

He placed emphasis on making the Lake Danao Water System a reality.

“Water has always been a contentious issue in this city, but one thing is certain, we cannot continue to solve water issues on a piecemeal basis. It is also ironic that six towns and one city are benefiting from Lake Danao, while Ormoc suffers. It’s time for us to harness the lake’s resources for our own use and solve our water problems for the next 25 or more years,” he noted.

Lake Danao covers 148 hectares in Lake Danao Natural Park. It is also a main tourist attraction.

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